We're excited to announce our new Taiwan headquarters is open from Kaohsiung.
Call us: +886-9-58517074 or email to michael@blackeyevr.com

Here's why we decided on this beautiful city:

  • We found some stunning space with views over the port and city;
  • Kaohsiung is fast becoming a major Asia VR hub with other leaders in XR content creation now relocating to the city;
  • it sports a 30 seat VR Theatre (really!);
  • We have lots of exciting VR initiatives in the pipeline;
  • It's such an easy city to connect to South East Asia and other North Asia cities from;
  • The busy Kaohsiung International airport is just up the road from our offices;
  • Lonely Planet picked Kaohsiung as No. 5 city on its top 10 list to visit in 2018.

    So we did! Please come and visit us.